Quality copper tubes and pipes

When it comes to quality plumbing, reliable components are a must, and the pipes you choose are just as important as the fittings and valves. Our half-hard copper tubes are ideal for the vast majority of plumbing, heating and gas applications, with a durability and resistance to corrosion that means the pipes will last a long time before needing to be replaced. We also offer soft copper piping that’s perfect for crafting bends and deviations in the natural course of the pipe so obstacles are no problem. 

All of our pipes are made from high quality copper due to it being durable, flexible and long-lasting. It’s also especially preferable for domestic and commercial water transportation, as copper creates an environment where bacteria struggles to multiply, helping to promote a healthy, sanitary plumbing system. As well as traditional copper piping, we also offer uPVC-coated copper tubes and chrome-plated copper pipes which are even more durable and resistant to corrosion.

Swift delivery and competitive prices available

At Nationwide Supplies, our tried and tested distribution system allows us to offer the best products for competitive prices. Our shipping fees are based on the weight, size and portability of your items to ensure prompt, cost-effective delivery of your copper pipes and other metal plumbing fittings

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