Metal Plumbing

Metal Plumbing

At Nationwide Supplies, we have a range of metal pipe fittings available to suit all your plumbing needs, no matter the project you’re working on. We can provide anything from end feeds and solder rings to valves and tap connectors to ensure you can complete your task easily and correctly. 

Quality pipe fittings for any water or gas-based project

No pipe can run in a straight line forever, which is why metal plumbing fittings are such an essential. They can be used to connect more than one pipe together or add bends in the system without having to manipulate the metal pipe itself. Changing the natural state of the copper pipe could impact the flow of water or gas, and may even result in leaks.

To avoid this, choose from our wide selection of quality and durable pipe fittings. End feeds, compression fittings and solder rings are a cost-effective way of joining copper pipes together, even at a 90-degree bend. All of our pipe fittings are made from metal instead of plastic for longevity and durability. 

Isolation valves are commonly installed near appliances and water commodities, such as toilets, washing machines, taps, showers, etc. They allow you to switch off the water supply locally, without having to drain the whole system or turn off your property’s water supply at the stopcock. 

For gas applications, we offer a range of gas and oil plumbing equipment, including copper and brass inserts, gas valves and gas meter unions. 

Competitive prices and fast delivery available 

Unlike other merchants, we offer an efficient system that allows us to provide quality products at the best prices. Shipping is based on the size and weight of your items to ensure cost-effective service when you need it. 

Order metal pipe fittings for your water or gas plumbing project today. 

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