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What can we offer?

Nationwide Supplies takes pride in its innovative and customer-centric approach with its Brick Matching Service, designed to cater to the diverse needs of builders, architects, and homeowners across the nation.

Understanding the importance of seamlessly integrating new bricks with existing structures or maintaining a cohesive aesthetic for construction projects, Nationwide Supplies offers a service that simplifies the often challenging process of finding the perfect match.

Working with key industry brands such as:

  • Forterra / LBC
  • Wienerberger
  • Ibstock
  • Michelmersh
  • TBS - Traditional Brick and Stone
  • Edenhall
  • Carlton
  • and many, many more!
  checking bricks against a wall to find a brick match


bricks on samples panels on a wall  

The Brick Matching Service begins with a straightforward message or email, where customers can send images of their existing bricks or provide specific details about the desired characteristics. We then use our extensive database of brick varieties to identify the closest match. The goal is to ensure that the new bricks seamlessly blend in with the original ones, whether for extensions, renovations, or repairs.

Our experienced team of play a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy of the matching process. Using their deep knowledge of brick types, colours, and textures to refine the results.

Finding an exact match will always be the aim, but should your brick be discontinued, no longer imported or simply not available in your build timescales, we will offer several 'next best' options for you to continue your project in feasible timescales.


One of the key advantages of our brick-matching service is its nationwide reach. With distribution and delivery available across the country, we can efficiently source and deliver the matched bricks to any location, saving customers time and effort.

Whether a client is working on a residential project or a large-scale commercial development, Nationwide Supplies is committed to providing a seamless and reliable solution for all their brick-matching needs.

With UK-wide delivery option including crane offload, moffat offload, flat-bed with customer offload and more.

  Natiionwide Supplies lorry with crane loaded with bricks for delivery


If you need brick matching, get in touch with us now and send your images to: matchmybrick@plumb.build

(For best results send an image at each 1m, 3m and 5m distances from your wall for us to ascertain colour, blend and texture)

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