High quality reinforcing steel bars and accessories

Also known as a rebar, a reinforcing bar is a high tensile steel rod which is designed to strengthen and reinforce concrete slabs and structures. While concrete is strong in compression, it is relatively weak under tension - but when a steel rebar is set into the concrete during the pouring process, it significantly enhances its tensile strength, as well as increasing crack resistance. Rebars can be used on their own, or in combination with meshmen.

At Nationwide Supplies, our steel reinforcing bars are available with 12mm and 16mm diameters, and you can take your pick from a selection of different rebar styles. Our range includes reinforcing dowel bars which are used to provide additional stability and rigidity to concrete sections.

You can also choose from compatible rebar accessories, including our deckchair mesh spacers that allow bar or mesh to pass through at perpendicular angles, as well as double cover plastic rebar spacers.

Affordable products and fast delivery times

When you shop with us, you can expect the highest quality, every time. We pride ourselves on offering affordable building materials and accessories without compromising on quality. We offer fast delivery times too, meaning you won’t need to wait long to progress with your project. Our customers that are local to Buntingford and the surrounding area are able to benefit from fast delivery via our fleet of branded vehicles, while our customers further afield receive their orders via our trusted couriers.

Browse our full range of steel reinforcement products, and other building materials such as cement, bricks and blocks, today.

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