High quality WBP and marine grade plywood

We offer a selection of B/BB grade WBP plywood in thicknesses ranging from 3.66mm to 25mm, with our 18mm WBP plywood being one of our most popular. We also offer marine grade plywood in 12mm and 18mm thicknesses. All of our plywood is available in 1220 x 2440mm (8' x 4') standard size boards, making it easier for you to calculate how much you need.

Weather and boil proof (WBP) plywood is made from multiple layers of cross-laminated hardwood veneers. Each layer is glued together using waterproof WBP glue. As its name suggests, WBP plywood is weatherproof. This means that the glue line will stay in place even when subjected to adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain and sun exposure. This type of plywood can also withstand being immersed in boiling water. The edges of this type of plywood should be sealed to ensure they provide a barrier against moisture.

Due to its weatherproof design, WBP ply is most commonly used for exterior use, such as general construction applications including roofing and concrete shuttering. It can also be used for interior projects, like shelving and panelling. WBP plywood can be finished as required using stain, paint or sanding, providing a superior finish.

Meanwhile, marine grade plywood is similar to WBP plywood in that it consists of several veneer layers, each of which are glued to secure them in place. Marine plywood offers strength and durability. It is fully compliant with BS1088 requirements and meets marine insurers requirements. This type of wood is ideal for use in the boat and ship building industries.

Affordable prices and quick delivery

When you need durable WBP or marine grade plywood, you can count on us. All of our materials are affordable without compromising on quality. Check out our full range to find what you’re looking for, then place your order and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy when you shop with Nationwide Supplies.

If you live in Buntingford or the local area, our fleet of vehicles will deliver your order to you as quickly as possible. For our customers who live further afield, we use our trusted courier services to get your delivery to you.

View our range of marine grade and WBP ply boards today.

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