Frequently Asked Questions

As with most industries, we get many frequently asked questions (FAQs) surrounding our products, their uses and tricks of the trade! At Nationwide Supplies, we have begun collecting these and curating them in the separate lists to make it easy to find the products you may have questions about and answer them as well as we can.

Whether you need to know "Can I use gloss paint on walls?", "What fall do I need on drainage pipe", "What is a fletton brick, "What does tanalised mean on timber" or "How do I bleed a radiator?", we have tried to create these lists to give you a quick answer at any time of the day or day of the week!

We are still here for you though! So if you have any further questions, please call our office or email us and we will be happy to help. 


Underground Drainage FAQs

Timber FAQs

Painting & Decorating FAQs

Brick & Block FAQs

Concrete FAQs

Radiators & Heating FAQs

Aggregate & Sand FAQs

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